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For each round, he sprints meters, shadowboxes for about 10 seconds, and repeats until the three minutes are up. Upper body workouts for sprinters are very important, as the upper body helps to power the body forwards. It about speed and endurance and hard work not one or the other. Simultaneous spiral movements in three joints makes the way we normally train our arms triceps kickbacks, anyone? Maybe he was. The upper body is extremely important, especially the shoulders.

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NO amount of speedwork emphasis in the world would make Salazar a 50 flat runner.

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Lexington, Kentucky Forget about Achilles tendons and glutei maximi. Trinity was a keen athlete and reportedly a good sprinter — she was a state-runner up in middle school in the meters and many expected her to compete on the world stage. We know what you're thinking: Like Weck, he believes subtle movements of our fingers may play a role in how precisely our legs move, because of the networks of fascia and nerves that link them.

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It took the risk out of vertical "core" stabilization work using physio balls a Bosu ball can't go squirting out from under your feet and opened the door for widespread balance training while upright on two feet.

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