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Great mixer Posted 18 Jan '15 by joe from United States with 15 ratings. Mixing it with my usual diet cola it does very little really. The Mount Gay website is, sadly lacking any real details. When I first had it, I used to say it wasn't much of anything, but alcohol. It works a little better with less demanding mixers such as soda and even lemonade. Signup to rate this rum! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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It was previously called Eclipse Silver after all.

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Mount Gay Eclipse Silver White Rum

Bottle and label design looks dull and basic. Overall as a producer I really enjoy their aged line up — Black Barrel and the Extra Old but their entry level stuff leaves me cold. Signup to like this rating. Its finish is soft and lingering. You get get vanilla and citrus hints It smells great when you sniff it in your glass, and it is a white rum when held up to the light it is pure white and no colour can be found. As is any sense of any real ageing in terms of oaky-ness and spice in the mix. Bottle and label design looks nice and unique.

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I'll drink to that! This is really easy going. Not saying that in a bad way. I'll drink to that! Strangely the alcohol notes seem more prominent giving a bit of a kick but not really anything to get to excited about.

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