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Your review has been posted. He was now lying on his bed, completely starkers, with his best friend staring at his extremely hard cock, looking like he was ready to devour it. Many respondents also became invested in fan fiction and queer shipping through websites such as DeviantArt and LiveJournal, where images — such as the one of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter below — drew them in. Draco kissed him back just as deeply. Queer fan works have also helped many community members, such as myself, to come to terms with their own identities that they may not have seriously thought about beforehand:. So With the help of his mates, his family and a revived so-called 'dark lord' Can Harry put Dumbledore into his place? He didn't fight with him anymore, but he did not fall all over himself trying to kiss up to him.

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Harry just hoped that one day Ron would accept that he had enough of evil bastards to be content to let him chose his own job.

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Harry Potter is Gay: An Investigation of Queer Fan Culture

Perhaps then he would stop thinking so much about the Slytherin in that way, and then he could be friends with him. Not Just a Game: I am now overwhelmed by the lack of representation any time I consume most mainstream medias. He begins to explore his new home when he sees a boy. American culture is saturated with messages propagated by mass media. Because that achievement, while maybe not as progressive as some may want, is still progress.

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I think overall I have been left with the feeling that authors have the power to be inclusive or not and I am much more harsh in my judgment of those authors who are not. Then she looked at him again. The boy who turns everything he touches into gold. Harry knew it was Draco, he raised his eyebrow and thought, Draco Malfoy… gay? And at sixteen, they need each other the most

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