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In SexySantana confesses to Brittany that she loves her and wants to be with only her. When Finn and Rachel are announcing their engagement, Brittany is seen sitting in front of Santana with her right arm resting on Santana's left knee, even though there is an empty seat right beside Santana. Then they kiss, finishing the wedding. If you were to go this route in say fifteen years or so, what do you think your health cause would be? Guilty Pleasures. She tells him things that remind her of Santana and when she says Heaven, he thinks that a good idea.

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Brittany is annoyed as he explains that her and Santana can't show PDA in the school.

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Your breath smells really good. They dance together again with the rest of the New Directions Girls. R s the prom committee and announces her own prom theme:

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