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Most straight people depend solely on their gaydars to tell them if someone is gay or not. So yes, the secret to how gay guys are able to recognise one another is that we simply stare the hell out of each other. I have contacted their employers and told them I found such behavior menacing. Another little thing I have encountered I do not like: I never seen the homophobic stare in white communities, or Asian, or Arabian. I know they may find that uncomfortable. If this gif epitomises your current reaction right now, let me explain.

I hope that random netizen on Yahoo can finally chill now.

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The Secret To How Gay Guys Recognise One Another

In my experience women do that. Dear Straight People, Have you ever wondered how gay men are able to recognise one another? The reason why we stare so intensely at other guys is that if the recipient of our creepy serial killer stare was straight, our strong eye game will make him feel really uncomfortable and so naturally, he will look elsewhere. I have found ways to address this. If the guy in question is gay too, he will return our creepy intense stare with an equally creepy intense stare before one of us eventually breaks the tension by smiling and then we go on a date and live happily ever after.

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I may have been Bi longer than I thought because I do that all the time Loading Lol, I just always figured when a guy does a double take and gives me a certain look kind of like how I look at an attractive girl that he is gay. Of course, the downside of this technique for recognising other gay guys is that if the recipient of our creepy stare is gay but not interested, he will look away as well. But ok back to the topic. Out Of The Closet: I will simply ask you: So how then do gay men do it?