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A familiar vanilla and ramen scent lingered in the air. His well defined calves, Kiba could already feel them around his waist as he made him scream his name Naruto softly pulled on Kiba's hair, getting him off his member. Their breaths were a ragged mess. Does the blonde not know what a sex devil he is?

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Shikamaru smirked, shrugging his shoulders.

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They sat down beside each other. A sharp hiss came as Kiba took one of Naruto's balls into his mouth. He knelt in between Naruto's delicious looking legs and began kissing his way down the blonde's chiseled torso, sucking on each brown nub for a while, the muscles of his chest contracting and relaxing, eliciting rewarding moans from the teen he was so horny for. Kiba was not feeling squeamish. God that just makes everything hotter for some reason. Naruto, do you masturbate?

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They sat down beside each other. Just In All Stories: Battle for Naruto by lagseeing Fandoms: Hearing the lock click, the bold man stepped into the office only to have his eyes roll into the back of his head as his vision swam. He loved the way Naruto admired his chiseled body as he pumped himself, feeling better and better. When Naruto took off his jacket, God bless Kiba, he almost died on the spot.

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