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Five Things. A journal presenting the research of European specialists of the United States Publisher: Even among regional laggards—such as Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala—Internet use increased from 10—11 percent of the population in to 17—23 percent in The availability of such data allows us to explore the relationship between access to mass media and attitudes toward SMM in Latin America, a relationship that has not yet been explored. New York: Old to New Likes: And almost as many rate the state of moral values in the U.

gay marriages and politics
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Revisiting the Concept of Selective Exposure.

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Edward, and Douglas R. As Molly Ball puts it:. What is allowed can only change through the political process. Yet, SSM has been one of the most controversial social policy issues in the hemisphere over the last decade, and the vast majority of Latin Americans now have access to this right.

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The other reason I can see as to why people want it to be a political issue is so that they can be against it without being labeled homophobes or bigots.

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