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Not only was Scott's cock longer than his although not quite as thick, but almost …not only did Scott seemingly have the stamina of a raging bull…but the X-man leader fully intended to fuck him. No woman to date had ever worked him over this good short of actual fucking. We pulled the curtains shut and I started stripping. He suddenly had a massive 9" thick dick--thick like a beer can! Or does he need a refresher course? Logan by this time was doing his utmost to move his vulnerable ass away from Scott's invading fingers. Without any further warning Scott's mouth was upon Logan's sensitive nipple again.

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I went back and forth sucking the two of them when I realized just how big this other man's dick was going to get.

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My first time taming a monster

Logan scowled but said nothing. Well…there was Ororo but she didn't have the desire to. The clear fluid seeping out of Logan's piss hole had completely drenched the lower part of Scott's tee shirt and soaked through the absorbent fabric onto his skin. To make matters worse, since Jean's death there was no one in the mansion who had the guts or capability to mediate between the two men. He'd always joked that Scott was a pansy.

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The reason was twofold. Scott merely smiled and continued his lecture. Scott's wordless response to this was to launch himself onto the bed, grip and lift Logan's hips with both hands and force the entirety of his manhood through Logan's never before-been-breached anus. The tightness of the snatch was only increased due to Logan foolishly trying to keep him out by contracting his sphincters. I expected a man who boasts of his sexual conquests like you do to have lasted longer. It's my insurance that you'll keep yourself in line after today.

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