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Just like LiveJournalMySpace was awash in attention-starved nerd wannabes who believed that their emotions and self-righteous descriptions of themselves were more important than God himself. You can refer to them as pricks. People of Web 2. Retrieved February 19, In Julythe United States House of Representatives voted to 15 to ban MySpace from schools and public librariesthus ensuring its future popularity.

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Bolt and MySpace shared a largely ignored blog feature, a restrictive area to share your camwhoring skillza list of general interests to plug the latest mainstream crapa bulletin system for public drama, and a bewildering and useless interface.

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Retrieved September 12, InMySpace was designed, edited, digestedand shat out onto the internets by Tom Andersona crack baby and a kind of gay version of Brad. Archived from the original on November 28, Experts believe that this concentrated, highly radioactive stupidity could be used to make a weapon of mass destruction, a so-called dirty bomb which threatens millions of innocent Internets users with the complete evisceration of their frontal lobe — the digital equivalent of a lobotomy delivered within seconds of exposure to extreme levels of Moran radiation. Influenced by classical music and artists such as Nina Simone and Billie HolidayWelcome to the Darkside received more positive reviews. Retrieved July 27, We attack everyone and drink their blood.

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Three dumb fucking cuntholesposing for the camera. She has subsequently received negative attention for her support of Adolf Hitleras well as antisemitic and white nationalist comments, [5] [6] which led to her expulsion from Celebrity Big Brother. Porn Stars [ edit ] If you needed some quick fap-fodder while kicking around on the tubesMySpace had a wealth of pornstarslike Belladonna to fit your every need. Encyclopedia Dramatica is not racist. The only redeeming thing about their profiles was the ego boost from reading the comments men left them — even in your darkest fits of depression you know you were a better person than the hundreds of fags making sincere sappy comments to a stripper whore.

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