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There is a great deal wider variation in genetics than most people except geneticists realize, but we make that invisible through language…by having no words for anything except male or female. Circles have continued at both these annual events and are catching on elsewhere like Fantasia Fair at Cape Cod—the oldest of transgender festivals. But the longing for true community is universal. If you wanted to, maybe we could throw in forced feminization of an extreme kind! It was kind of like that. Increasingly, we trans-gendered people are awakening and intuitively finding our own voices and callings, despite the prior deprivation of our history, history, or a sense of our own community.

kindred spirits transgender
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It is characterized by intuitive connection, trust, honoring individuality, operating in consensus, spontaneity, minimal expectations, open hearts and minds, and no hidden agendas.

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The first woman was one of the people from Chicago. Wicca can be seen as a religion of ecology. Our gender transitions—the very process of gender-shift — can be viewed as a kind of Vision Quest, addressing that age-old question:

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Kindred Spirits was a variety of individuals who came together to share space for the same reason.

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