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Patrick Califia 's published fiction also draws heavily on concepts and ideas from queer theory. Social Justice. Nussbaum eds. Only an essentialist approach can maintain the project of gay history, and minority histories in general, as a force for liberation. While the causes of this are somewhat unclear, it is likely that increased class conflict alongside the Gregorian reform movement in the Catholic Church were two important factors.

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Second, social constructionists argue that an important goal of historical investigations should be to put into question contemporary organizing schemas about sexuality. It desexualizes identity, when the issue is precisely about a sexual identity Jagose, Teresa de Lauretis is credited with coining the phrase "queer theory". Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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Even though there is clearly a great degree of variety in conventions from one city to another something ancient Greeks became increasingly aware ofthere is still an unwritten standard, or law, that humans should live under.

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