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Physical Location: Despite the fact that advances were identified, one still observe the difficulties faced by LGBT people in accessing the health system as a result of prejudicial and discriminatory behavior, often adopted by health professionals. These should be able to analyze the health status of their clients, taking into consideration the health, social, and cultural context in which they are placed. Seaver, Freund, Wright, Tija and Frayne. Hoffman, Freeman and Swann. Two-Spirit The term is used to describe some Native American Indigenous lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and having both a male and female spirit within one person.

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The collection period occurred from July to May

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The analysis followed the predetermined eligibility criteria. Snowball sampling technique and application of online structured questionnaire. There is weakness in interpersonal relationships between women and health professionals, because of homosexual orientation, with communication difficulties and disattention to issues linked to the experience of sexuality. Connection with consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, suicide attempts and depression tendency, arise with high frequency in the LGBT [ 3 — 5 ] population, as well as problems related to sexual and reproductive health.

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A qualitative assessment of health seeking practices among and provision practices for men who have sex with men in Malawi.

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